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Following an artistically suppressed youth, (or maybe just lacking talent), I waited until I was in my early thirties to pick up pencils, charcoals and watercolour paintbrushes. I then went at it with a vengeance, making up for lost time, studying Art for years at Adult Education level.

Landscapes, still life, and life studies poured out from the tips of my fingers, with varying degrees of success. Most importantly, my Art Teachers taught me how to see properly, and use my hands to create a 'viewfinder' to enable me to compose well constructed images.

I had owned a camera since childhood, but never really known about the importance of the composition of a picture, so when I started to take photography seriously, and invest in better equipment, I was able to transfer my 'viewfinder' knowledge across the mediums. All the rules of aesthetics are there to help transport the viewer around a picture, rules which can also be broken to good effect.

Moving from 'safe' subjects like landscapes, flowers, to the more challenging nature of portrait photography, I follow the rules, and the words of my various photography tutors, then break them, and follow my instincts. Happy accidents can occur, and of course it always helps to be there at the right time.

In this world where almost everybody has some form of a camera with them at all times, and everyone can therefore take photos, I strongly believe that not everyone is a photographer. Having the knowledge of the viewfinder can change that. And the words of inspirational tutors.

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